Inside the Conference Context-17, June 19-23:
invited speakers:
Francois Recanati and Robert Stalnaker

Between Semantics and Pragmatics
June 19-20 2017

Since John Perry presented the distinction between narrow and wide context, indexicality and context dependence have been treated as separate phenomena. The difficulties faced by the attempts of extending the indexical approach to other context dependent expressions that are not overtly indexical brought to extreme forms of contextualism, where lexical meaning disappears in favour of radical forms of context dependence (grab bag theory is but one of the many developments of this kind). The workshop addresses the challenge of radical contextualism and aims at exploring which notions of context are better suited to account for the underdetermination of meaning.

– The workshop is organised by
Massimiliano Vignolo ( and Carlo Penco (
– address of *this* site:
– info for *this* workshop:

– We expect to receive (drafts of) papers not  exceeding 14 pages in the Springer LNAI  format [Microsoft Word] references included (some papers of wider interest might be proposed for the General Conference – via previous agreement with the author)
– We plan to make a CEUR workshop proceedings and have some of the best papers proposed for publications in the Journal on Modeling and Using Contexts.
– Papers should be sent through  Easychair  (to be open soon).

Because the workshops (WSs) are integrated into the Context17 Conference, there is a single registration for all participants (conference and workshops) including coffee-breaks and lunch at workshops and at the conference; conference proceedings; workshop proceedings; welcome cocktail session, social events, and help desk at  the conference.

DEADLINE of the Context Conference: September 23 2016

Planning the Workshop on Contexts in Philosophy:

10.40-11.00 break

12.40-14 lunch time

15-40-16  break

Each session will accommodate 5 speakers. If the discussion becomes too hot, we may also forget the lunch 🙂
We assume participants have read the papers before and are ready to discuss after a short presentation of the speaker.

We might also consider this meeting as a sequel of the Conference in Berlin  (September 2016): What is Said and What is Meant 

Some References:
F.Domaneschi-C.Penco 2013: What is Said and What is not 
M. Garcia Carpintero-M.Kölber 2008: Relative Truth
G. Preyer G. Peter 2005: Context Sensitivity and Semantic Minimalism
K.von Heusinger, J. Peregrin, K. Turner 2003: When Semantics Meets Pragmatics
C. Bianchi 2004: The Semantics/Pragmatics Distinction


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